Thursday, June 24, 2010

'father's day' food

For Father's Day, Pic chose to take Cardo out for breakfast. This is a bit funny because Cardo is the only one here who earns a paycheck, so he essentially took us all out for breakfast. Ah, well.

Cardo loves breakfast. He likes what I consider to be standard breakfast foods: eggs, sausage, pancakes, bacon, diced and seasoned potatoes. He'll eat oatmeal or cold cereal, although not often. He ate a lot of these after his heart trouble. He really enjoys juevos rancheros, if he can find a place that makes it the way he likes it (he doesn't make this at home). Cardo enjoys eating breakfast out, probably because I don't eat most of the above cooked breakfast foods and, therefore, I don't make them.

Pic, like Cardo, enjoys a good hot breakfast. She likes her papi to make her an egg and bacon. Maybe toast. She loves rolled oats -- she hasn't taken a liking to steel cut oats yet. She'll just as soon eat a handful of grapes or a banana or a handful or crackers for breakfast, though.

If we're dining at home, I'll most likely either have a fruit-and-greens smoothie or a bowl Koala Crisp for breakfast. I go on long kicks when it comes to breakfast. At one point, it was a slice of peanut butter toast and applesauce for every breakfast. When I was a few years older than Pic, my grammie made us eggs and bacon for breakfast what seemed like every day.

I'm not one for most breakfast foods nowadays. If we're out, I'll order a sandwich. If the lunch menu isn't available, I'll be hoping there's some oatmeal. I love breads, so I also enjoy some sourdough toast or a good muffin or a good scone.

Recently, we were out of town and needed to find a breakfast place. Someone recommended a place down the street. Every breakfast (of the four listed on the regular menu) included eggs. No thanks. I noticed a small placard listing the specials and I grudgingly ordered pancakes with strawberries. The pancakes were like soft, squishy sponges. I couldn't finish my breakfast.

So (geez, am I longwinded!), I decided we'd make a special breakfast for Cardo for Father's Day. However, we hadn't shopped in a ridiculously long time and Pic chose a meal out. A couple of days later, though, we all made cornmeal pancakes with poached spring berries* for dinner. Cooking in our home always becomes a big production. We could totally skip the whole sitting down to eat together by the time we've spent all evening cooking the meal together. It's definitely fun, though.

These pancakes? Pic almost literally gobbled hers up. She didn't even wait for us to join her at the table. She preferred the pancakes senza berries. Cardo and I both had two servings each. And, Pic actually ate two pancakes. These were heartier and much tastier than those foam pancakes I last ate. We'll most likely be making these day.


* This is a recipe from my Cooking Light 2001 cookbook. I can't find it to link it online, though.