Monday, December 6, 2010

blog bliss

I often think it might be nice if the some of the bloggers I read stopped blogging. Not "nice" in that I don't thoroughly enjoy reading these blogs, but "nice" in that I'd have a bit more time to do other things (find new blogs?). However, when people do stop writing, I can't help but feel a bit sad.*

Anyhow, a blog I really enjoy recently seemed to come to an end. I kept checking back, just in case, but the blog seemed to have turned into something of a pit of spam. This morning, though? Blankie Chronicles is back in a new incarnation: A Life Like This One! Yea!


* I'm looking at you, Coach J, although I'm happy for you that you no longer need the outlet -- but I sincerely enjoy your writing.


Edited to add: Oh, no! It looks like Good Things Catered also no longer exists. I'm glad I saved so many of her recipes. I thought it might be coming as she was posting less and less. I'm sure I have plenty of other food blogs on my blog roll, but I'll miss Katie's posts. [12/7/10]