Thursday, March 17, 2011

here in the middle of the dark

I should probably be sleeping. I've been called and called to come to bed already, but I'm weirdly resistant to that. (Seriously, tell me it's time to go to bed and that's just about a guarantee that I'll be up for at least three more hours.)

So, what am I doing? Almost listening to a tv show on Netflix. (I'm not really watching it and I only have it on to drown out thoughts that might fill my head and make it impossible for me to read. Yeah, yeah, I have issues.)

I'm also reading some more of Q is for Quarry in snatches while I wait for blog pages to load. Over here in blogland, I'm catching up on dooce. This post on Leta losing her second tooth cracks me up. Oh, the joys I have to look forward to once Pic starts losing her teeth.*


* We've recently had a Tooth Fairy conversation. Pic told me that some people don't believe in the Tooth Fairy. I told her the concept was the same as that of Santa Claus in that various people act as the Tooth Fairy/Santa Claus/whoever else for those receiving the benefits. Pic is adamant that there is, in fact, an actual Tooth Fairy. I left the conversation there. I love that she chooses to believe in the Tooth Fairy in the face of my "rational truth." (That so deserves the quotes, because, for Pic, the truth is that there is a fairy that lives somewhere else, maybe in another land she told me, who takes care of whisking away our unneeded teeth.)


Kat said...

I love the sound of that title: Here in the middle of the dark. Belief is a wondrous thing. I am always curious about how we come to believe in things. And how we stop believing. I have had students write belief papers where they choose a belief and then attempt track where that may have come from and then write a memoir about it. These were not as successful as I would like.