Sunday, October 16, 2011

yes, really, castor oil

Today's adventure? Seeking the perhaps elusive castor oil. I have a feeling this is one of those ubiquitous items and I've just been living under a rock, or something.

I started calling around, hoping to not have to drive to store after store without finding the oil. The Winco employee asked me, incredulously, "Castor o-il?!" (You have to imagine the end of oil being spoken at a very high, disbelieving pitch.)

The employee at TJ's asked me, "For cooking?"

"Um, no, for your body. Like, for my skin."

"Oh, okay, yeah, I have olive oil and canola oil."

"Um, thanks."

The first employee I talked to at Whole Foods immediately told me they had the oil and transfered me to the Whole Body department where the employee there reassured me they had what I wanted. Later, when we got to Whole Foods, the Whole Body employee recognized me from my call and led me right to the castor oil.


Cardo told me, during this somewhat mellow search, "I thought you were saying castrol, for cars."

Anyhow, a bottle of castor now resides under my sink. What weird thing will I ask around for next?


gunma-gal said...

Castrol! That cracks me up. "Yes, I want some Castrol for my body, please... and don't ask about particulars." :D

kate said...

Ok, all I can think of is when the kids are putting the advertisement in the paper in Mary Poppins and Jane sings the line, "Take us on outings, give us treats, sing songs, bring sweets. Never be cross or cruel. Never give us castor oil or gruel. Love us as a son and daughter, and never smell of barley water." Let's hope the next thing you're looking for isn't "barley water" whatever the heck that is.

v said...

Ms B, this is why blogs need a "like" button. I wouldn't want to know the particulars, either.

Katie, I always think of Mary Poppins, too! I'm guessing barley water is beer or something. And, if that's what it is, I probably won't be looking for that (unless I decide it's the next great thing to wash my hair with, or something).