Tuesday, July 15, 2008

my first (and possibly last) 101 in 1001

Oh my good freaking gracious, people. I haven't posted in the last few days because I've been obsessing over this list Poke posted. I am also a fan of lists, so I thought, "Sure, what the crud, let's make a list, why don't we?" Do any of you (aside from Poke) know how excruciatingly hard it is to come up with 101 things you want to do. Apparently I am weakly-ambitioned. I ended up prowling* others' lists for ideas. If you peruse others' lists, you'll see many similarities on mine, 'cause I'm a thief.

So, here're the rules and stuff. Don't count on seeing a listy like this from my anytime again in this lifetime.

The Mission [should you choose to accept...and just like Inspector Gadget, I did...now where's Penny?]: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching [and, yes, for me spending money on things is stretching, so lay off of my "purchases" section]

Why 1001 Days?: 1001 days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organization and timing some tasks such as overseas trips [or over-the-border trips] or outdoor activities.

This is where Poke believes the list originated. There are many other lists here to should you choose to create your own and need pilfering grounds.

Start Date: Tuesday 15 July 2008
Finish Date: Tuesday 12 April 2011

1. complete the Yoga Basics class [9/08]
2. purge my two file drawers at work [8/25/08]
3. stick to a 3-days-a-week Pilates routine for a month [12/28/08-1/31/09]
4. meditate or do breathing exercises three times a week for one month
5. give a great deal of thought to the idea of ever creating one of these lists again
6. purge my files of old bills/receipts and other random junk
7. find a new artist's music to enjoy and buy the album
8. put course work (taking and teaching) in separate binders
9. catalogue 100 more of Pic's books
10. catalogue 100 more of my own books
11. see a show at the Pioneer Center [2/27/10, Avenue Q]
12. see a show at Bruka
13. plan and go on a "ladies' day" with Pic
14. find a new blog to absolutely love [cake wrecks, among others]
15. have my hair styled for no special reason (yes, I'm incapable of styling my own hair...and, yes, I was still a girl last I checked)
16. go ice skating
17. do a Stella run at Tahoe
18. have friends over for dinner [several times]
19. get a skin cancer check
20. go to dentist (I feel my anxiety rising already) for two cleanings a year
21. take a community education class for fun
22. attend a reading at Sundance
23. take a relaxing bath once a month [7,8,9,10,11,12/08 and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12/09 and 1,2/10 so far...i'm good at being lazy]
24. purge my closet of formal gowns I'll never wear again (anyone need a wedding dress?)...take most to a prom closet (probably not the aforementioned wedding gown)
25. see the Sex and the City movie [10/08]
26. purge my drawers of holey socks and underwear (they drive Cardo crazy and I'm not all that fond of them myself)

Glorious books:
27. teach Pic to read (then, she can read to me for a change) [it'll be a while before she's reading me Harry Potter, though]
28. update address book
29. subscribe to Self [sometime in 2009, i think...i'm still getting it]
30. read more new-to-me books from the list of shame
31. finish reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
32. catch up on reading State of Grace [8/13/08]
33. read Tao-te-Ching (in English)

Glorious food:
34. make fruit soup
35. bake challah
36. make pumpkin pancakes with cranberry-topping
37. make strawberry pie
38. begin a loose-leaf tea collection [sometime in 2009, only early grey so far, but it's oh-so-good]
39. keep Italian parsley alive in my own little kitchen
40. make salad dressing that isn't honey mustard and that isn't disgusting
41. join a CSA
42. make homemade ice cream [must make more, minus the scrambled eggs]
43. make enough meals to freeze to fill the outside freezer
44. eat at three local restaurants I have yet to experience [Red's Old 395 Grill...yes, Carson is local, 7/20/08; Stonehouse Cafe, 7/23/08; Dish Cafe 10/08]

45. actually send gifts I purchase for others
46. move into an appealing one-story dwelling [12/08]
47. take a day to actually celebrate an anniversary with Cardo [we should do that more often]
48. do a sh1ft.org photographic project (how did you find this Poke?)
49. get my hair cut [cut own hair on...7/28/08 I believe. Would still like to have more cut off.]
50. complete a NaBloPoMo [11/08]
51. begin Solstice and Equinox traditions to celebrate with Pic
52. go to an adult bookstore (do they really sell books there?)
53. dress up for Halloween
54. organize our emergency supplies
55. write will
56. actually write down our list of dream-home requirements
57. open a 529 for Pic
58. send at least one tangible piece of correspondence once a month for a year [1/09]
59. donate blood
60. choose one charity to donate a bit of money to ("a bit" because I'm not exactly rolling in much other than stress and books)
61. find a theme song
62. actually print out pictures and fill in the photo albums
63. change my name on my driver's license (I know, I know, it's just a hyphen, but it's not mine) [attempted, but NV automatically adds the hyphen, didn't cause any passport problems anyhow]
64. renew my vows...in a low-key ceremony-type-thing that we plan for us, not others
65. frame my Ben Jonson page
66. buy a bus pass and use it [8/27/08]
67. vote for president (and, if I could control this: have the person I vote for actually become president) [10/29/08...and, yea! hello future son-in-law]
68. try a shampoo bar [Blue House Soaps, love it!]
69. apply to three PhD programs
70. pay off both credit cards completely [10/ and 12/08]
71. finish entering watermark information into spreadsheet [forty years later]
72. apply for master's program at King's College [um, yeah...]

73. Alabama Stitch Book
74. How to Cook Everything [10/08]
75. a wonderful, though expensive, pair of Keens of to replace other shoes [perhaps 9/08]
76. new earrings (and actually wear them) [thanks for the graduation gift, Mom!]
77. three new work outfits (clothing made of natural fibers/materials)

78. leggere e capire un libro in italiano
79. leer y entender un libro en espaƱol
80. take a sewing class
81. make one Simplicity clothing item for myself
82. make one Simplicity clothing item for Pic
83. learn the names and locations of every country in the world (now, if only these things were static)
84. make a quilt
85. learn to (apartment) compost (as I have no backyard)
86. go climbing [8/2/08]
87. make skirt using Alabama Stitch Book

88. go to Apple Hill for autumn foods [10/08]
89. go to the ocean (pick an ocean, any ocean) [1/08...the peaceful one]
90. take a day-trip on a random day off [10/08 trip to Roseville]
91. visit another country [must do more, under less stress, and with family]
92. actually really got to HSB
93. attend Strawberry Festival
94. attend a Nevada Day parade
95. visit Oregon
96. go on a Kit Carson Trail Ghost Walk
97. go camping outside and make some freaking s'mores [thanks, Coach J!]
98. take a train ride
99. hike/walk the trail in Tahoe City
100. attend my 10-year high school reunion [well, this isn't going to happen, unless I do a bit of time travel]
101. go geocaching

* Does Grease 2 come to anyone else's mind when they hear the word "prowlin'"?

[Edit: Accomplished tasks will be dark blue because I can't figure out how to cross them off. Works in progress will be in light blue.]


Anonymous said...

I'm going to attempt a list of my own, but first, I will finish my lesson plan for tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

It is two days until I reach the 1001 days since I did my list. I only accomplished 40% or so. :S

v said...

Oh, yeah. I'm totally rolling this over. And, I've shifted some of what's on here. I tried to keep the sentiment, but update to something I actually want to do now.