Monday, August 31, 2009

25 things

Okay, so, months and months ago, several people tagged me for this on facebook, but I, being me, had no idea how to get to the notebook feature (or whatever it is) on facebook to respond there. Also, I needed time to come up with twenty-five things about myself (you'd think I don't spend any time with myself or something).

So, finally...

25 things:
1 i don’t like coffee but i like to have a coffeehouse i frequent.
2 someone once told me she knew i was irish because of my accent.
3 pic and i share a middle name (which i got from my aunt, for whom i’m named).
4 i don’t often eat sunflower seeds because a bag of sunflower seeds is like a challenge to me…i want to eat them all in one long sitting (also, my tongue used to peel if i ate too many sunflower seeds).
5 i went shampoo-free for five weeks this summer, but i finally gave up on it (for now, at least).
6 my favorite ben and jerry’s ice cream is s’mores (which was called marsha marsha marshmallow when i first bought it).
7 i won’t look at myself in a mirror in the dark.
8 i can’t leave goodwill without buying books (for me, for pic…).
9 my favorite cookies are the chocolate crinkles my mom makes.
10 for my latest graduation, i bought myself a giant penny press puzzle book.
11 talking on the phone makes me anxious (as does the simple ringing of the phone).
12 i am irked when i come across a blog with no easy access to archives…i detest having to scroll down and click ‘older posts’ repeatedly (which leads me to the following: when i start reading a blog, i begin with the oldest posts and work my way through the archives).
13 i spend a ridiculous amount of time online looking for houses to buy. in any area we’ve ever thought to live.
14 i like to read the harry potter books once a year. (i didn’t start reading the books until goblet of fire came out (i went back and read from the beginning) and i was hooked for life.)
15 it took me a ridiculously embasrrassingly long time to get the ‘upper lip’ joke. (‘something smells.’ ‘it’s your upper lip.’)
16 i am sad that i’ll never have enough time to read everything i want to/will want to read.
17 autumn is my favorite season and october is my favorite month.
18 my left leg is much more flexible than my right.
19 i don’t dust.
20 i refer to the crook of my elbow as a crelbow/krelbow (first time i’ve written it) and the space below my nose and above my mouth as a bnam.
21 i was nocturnal as a newborn.
22 i’ve never all-over colored my hair (i’ve done highlights/weave three times) and i don’t plan on ever coloring it at all again (but, we’ll see).
23 i read my academic reading aloud…most of the time.
24 sono un’astemia, much to the consternation of some others [i’m a tee-totaler].
25 my eyelashes are blonde on the tips (auburny-other than that).

[The list, I compiled elsewhere, which explains, again, the lack of caps.]


The Furie Queene said...

I'm right with you on 1,4,11,14, and 16. As for 5, I can't go more than three days because my hair gets really oily. Did you do anything to prevent/cure that?

kate said...

Why did you go so long without shampoo? Did you use something else to clean your hair? I, like Furie up there, can't go more than three days MAX or I look disgusting.
And bnam=memories

Kat said...

When I read this list I immediately understand why we are friends.

The phone thing is a big one for me too. Facebook, blogs, etc have been a godsend for me. I do worry though that it is the first step toward being one of those people who never leaves their house.

I've done the shampoo thing too. I just took a shower w/o actually lathering. It made my hair really healthy.

Did you see that Ben and Jerry's just changed their Chubby Hubby ice cream flavor to Hubby Hubby? Political ice cream. Mmmmm.

I read the Harry Potter books before each new film. We should coordinate and read them together.

Remember how freaked out Rasmussen was that you don't drink? Classic.