Sunday, August 7, 2011

food bits

A few things I have recently learned about food (and what to call it):

I learned from an old episode of Stuff You Should Know that instead of adding oil to pasta water, one should add vinegar to keep the pasta from sticking to itself. As we all might be familiar with, oil and water just don't mix. I have only once or twice added oil to my pasta water because I always noticed that the oil pointlessly floated along the surface of the water. So, I'm glad this oil-and-pasta-water thing isn't a habit I have to free myself from. At the same time, I seriously doubt I'll start adding vinegar to my water because I've done just fine without it, thank you.

(I have no idea what episode of the podcast I was listening to and I can't even remember if it had anything to do with food.)

I learned from various sources (none of which I can now remember) that I can fill my freezer with so much more than I had been. A little more than a month ago, I cleared out my freezer, but I know that a full freezer is more efficient than an empty one. I'd eventually like to fill my freezer with homemade freezable foods, but I'm not quite at this point yet. So, what to do with all of that space? Flours, nuts, seeds, cornmeal.

Anything other freezer-worthy items I might have unfrozen? Please let me know.

Finally, I was reading One-Pot Cookies when I came across a wonderfully fitting and funny description of white "chocolate": sweet, vanilla-flavored fat. (I believe that's a direct quote, but I've returned the book to the library and I cannot check.) I can just imagine the menus now: And for dessert, we're offering a sweet-vanilla-flavored-fat and raspberry cheesecake. Mmm. Yum!