Friday, September 2, 2011

sigh of relief followed by a deep breath

Ah, so I've made it through the week. It's eight in the evening and I'm not working and I'm not sleeping (or staring at a wall, unable to form a coherent thought because I'm so exhausted).

It's been a good week because I've been able to spend time with people I don't often see, but whom I thoroughly enjoy. It's been an informative week because I have reinforced what I want and what I right now know is realistic for us.

I've been incredibly embarrassed because a failing of mine has been made apparent to those I love and who worry about me too much as it is.

I've seriously dreamed of hitting the road and traveling already. (I'm actually working on a version of this, but it's been slow going.)

I've had the same thing for breakfast and for lunch each day for the past five days.

I've made it through the week. Now, a moment of rest before I gear up for the next week.