Thursday, April 17, 2008

give me a break

I'm currently reading a year-old issue of Redbook. (The NW Library lends out back issues of magazines and I, having never read Redbook before, thought I'd check this one out.) There is a small feature called "Star Stories" and the topic for the month (4/2007) was "What the nicest thing you've done for someone else?" Ben Affleck's response: "I took care of [my daughter] Violet by myself for a whole day, feeding her and changing her. My wife [Jennifer Garner] wasn't sure I could do it!"

First of all, the excessive use of exclamation points I've come across is seriously annoying!

Second, hello, that's the nicest thing he's done for someone? Watch his own child for a whole day? I'm sure it was nice and all, but I hate this weird notion that, of course, moms just naturally care for their babies while dads "babysit."

I have nothing against Affleck, and I definitely shouldn't judge anyone by such a small snippet of quote, but how is it so nice that he did his job as a dad?


Its ME said...

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from soong at Singapore (smile)

gunma-gal said...

No, I completely agree w/you. I had read that quote at some point, maybe on or something, and I had the same reaction. I mean, really, isn't it SAD that he thought it was a big deal to watch his OWN daughter??? Shouldn't he ALWAYS be a large part of the whole child-raising experience? His comment annoyed me, but also made me feel so sad...