Friday, April 25, 2008

i don't drink so it must be an earthquake

Is it okay that I'm thinking of getting Pic up and inviting her to a slumber party under the dining room table?

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I am not a rational woman when it comes to earthquakes. Earlier this afternoon, during the second bigger earthquake (I know, I know, people in Japan and California and Alaska and Mexico and EVERYWHERE else are laughing at me because I'm using "big" to describe what we've been experiencing here), I grabbed Pic and pulled her under the dining room table with me. She started crying, not because of the earthquake, but because she didn't want to sit under the table, she wanted to watch the previously-mentioned My Little Ponies.

I'm predicting a long night of no sleep here because, really, earthquakes freak me out and my first instinct is to stand where I am and cry (thanks a whole freakin' ton, instincts). And, I have to stand in the middle of the living room, alone, crying my wonderfully irrational tears because Pic is sleeping amazingly soundly in her room (I just checked) and Cardo is sleeping soundly on the couch. In fact, my dearly beloved doesn't even feel these earthquakes. Earlier today, he came in from working on his car in the garage and told me, "I could see everything shaking, but I didn't feel anything." And, Pic was convinced earlier that Papi was outside doing something (what?) to make the house shake. So, I'm really just freaked out here on my own, thank you ever so much.

Oh, and the informative e-mail sent out through my school didn't do much to allay my panicking. (I would share said e-mail, especially considering it says that the information given is important for me to share, but this same e-mail is concluded with a warning that I may not copy any part of the e-mail or my fingers will be cut off (okay, so not really, but it does say that I can't copy the e-mail, because the campus police can't seem to make up their minds).) Let's just say, I'm having premonitions of dragging Pic under her tiny table in her bedroom, me screaming, "DROP! COVER! HOLD ON!"


Anonymous said...

There was just another one. Small enough that I am hopeful that it caused you no panic.

Crystal said...

Oh I am so with you. My first instinct is GET THE HECK OUT OF THE BUILDING. I think my real fear of earthquakes stems from the fact that you never know, when you're in one, if it's going to keep going and getting worse. I have no desire to be crushed by a falling building so I really, really, just want to get outside. Of course, then I would probably be crushed by falling glass or power lines. But fear isn't rational, so of course I don't worry about THOSE things!

My dad's a geologist and moreover he knows everything about everything and he's never wrong, least according to himself of course...but he says that the big one Friday night was the one we've been building up to. Cross fingers!