Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a bit of lit

Pic and I have definitely been catching up on our reading lately. And, oh, children's books are often oh-so-fun...especially the older books and stories.

We are reading about things like luncheon and pick-a-back rides and tigers who run circles so quickly that they turn into butter. Seriously weird stuff sometimes lurks in those pages.

Take, for instance, "The Village of Cream Puffs," by -- wait for it -- Carl Sandburg. Oh, how lacking my education has been that I didn't know he wrote such weird kid's stories. Stories in which freckles are painted on to remind you whence you came. Actually, there is more to the story than we have in our anthology, which I only just found out in looking for the link I included here.

Then, there's "Little Red Riding Hood." The version we have has the wolf eating both Little Red and the grandma. A lumberjack comes along, cuts the sleeping wolf open with his ax and removes the people, filling the empty cavity with heavy stones. The wolf lives through this but falls down dead due to the weight of the stones in his stomach. Certo!

We also just started reading another Jack Prelutsky collection. Good times!