Thursday, June 16, 2011

crumble, as promised

So, we are down to the dregs of the crumble. Really, there wouldn't be any left if it were up to me. I was trying to be fair and leave a piece for Cardo, but he's letting it go to waste! (Actually, I think we can safely say that he let it go to waste, already.)

I made this crumble exactly once last year, no matter that it's just incredibly simple and tasty. Last year, I made it according to the recipe, with cherry and apricot. This time, we only had nectarines, peaches and apricots. And, we were lucky to have these thanks to the fabulous generosity of our dearly beloved Auntie C.

Pic actually stuck with me for the entire making of this.

Why yes, the small one does use sharp knives.

Sliced, sugared and floured.

Meanwhile, as the crumble bakes...Pic takes over the camera. So, what's going on in the living room?

A little Dolly...

...with some dollies. (Actually, Pic is very specific with her labels and she does not call plush non-humans "dollies.")

As Pic had the camera, I asked her to snap a quick shot of the crumble. And, a quick shot she took. (You've got to capture that crumble before it scampers away!)

One pan for us and one pan for Auntie C, Uncle A and Baby H.

All plated up and ready for me to eat. So wonderfully tasty: the fruit a bit tart and the topping nice and crunchy and sweet, but definitely not too sweet. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or dessert.