Wednesday, June 8, 2011

retail therapy

I usually try to stay away from stores and store sites and ads in the newspaper, ecc, ecc, ecc. I'm quick to want, but slow to want to spend money, so why tempt myself? I like to take my time and mull over any purchases.

We recently made a purchase I've been thinking about for a good long time. Y'know those record player/CD player/tape deck things? I think they came out eleventy-thousand years ago? Something like that. Well, we have been looking for a working record player for quite some time but haven't had much luck (read: no luck) and I finally broke down and asked Cardo to look for one of those combo-players online. We bid, we won. Cardo had me pay for the purchase, which leads me to what I really wanted to mention in this post.

On signing out of the payment site, there was an ad for an online printing company. A couple of interesting calling cards: 'mommy cards' and 'dating cards.' I am entirely too close to anti-social to be handing out cards with my contact info to other parents. (And, no, there were no 'daddy cards' or 'guardian cards' or 'parent cards' advertised.) And the 'dating cards'? Again, I am so not the audience for those, which, yes, might seem obvious. Cardo and I agreed that we're exclusive, but I mean that I would never have been the audience for the cards. I never really dated and I can't imagine dating so much that I'd need a set of a couple hundred cards to hand out. Just thinking about that makes me uncomfortable. I'm really hoping I'll never have to date. (I have knocked on wood.)

I do, however, occasionally fantasize about making blog calling cards. I like to design them online. I've been doing that for a good many years, so, who knows, I might be indulging eventually. (Or not.)