Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i resolve: decluttering edition

I resolve to no longer buy those day-to-day calendars. I have been doing so for over a decade now and I just found pages from a 2001 calendar (that's the oldest I've come across so far today). Buying these calendars is something of a compulsion with me. I like to have that daily page to look at, but I can't stand the remnant pages. And, what a waste of paper. Because, really, if I still have pages from almost ten years ago, I don't foresee working my way through these scratch pages anytime soon.

I need to break this habit. So, come next January...NO MORE! I'll have to sign up for an e-mail-a-day calendar or something, because the clutter is ridiculous.

This is only a bit of the problem. And, do you see: some of that paper has yellowed with age. Ugh.


One more? Okay. I also resolve to stop buying movies I'm not sure I enjoy. I guess I'll have to check them out through Netflix before I buy. The problem is that I buy movies at Goodwill and I'm never sure what the selection will be. I know, I know, just stop buying them. Duh. Seems so simple, but it's such a hard habit for me to break.

Here's what went out on Freecycle yesterday:

(As I said before, that Hollow Man is not mine, but Cardo said I could give it away.)


Kat said...

You threw away Love Actually? Do I even KNOW you?

v said...

I *knew* that I'd get some crap for that. :)

I've seen it maybe twice and I'd maybe watch it again if it was on at someone else's place.

I can't stand the whole sequence with the guy who goes to (comes to) the U.S. I'm not a huge fan of the "huge thighs" part either. I just don't enjoy it enough to keep it around.

Kat said...

I love that movie. But I also know that it is for more reasons than the text of the film itself. It came out right after I moved back to the states from London. So, I was more in love with seeing my beloved city again than the film itself (although I do like that as well). Hey, if you don't actually LOVE it, then get rid of it. (yes I am aware that I just said that, and not it wasn't intentional).

gunma-gal said...

Ditto Kat's initial comment.