Friday, April 23, 2010

'tis date night (plus, some revision fun)

Yes, here at La Casa B, Cardo and I are taking a bit of time for ourselves and each other. Why, then, am I here typing instead of spending time with my loverly spouse? Um, Cardo is completely conked out in the bedroom.

Before he fell asleep, about a minute after we walked in the door, we did manage to spend a few nice hours together. We talked about our pasts and about our future. There's still a great deal of opportunity available to us and we're not entirely sure where we're headed, but we're sure we're headed there together, which is important to us.

To make date night a possibility, Pic is staying with our dearly beloved friends tonight (a sleepover!). She very much looks forward to hanging out with others. Cardo said, tonight, that we were thinking we were getting a bit of a break and that Pic is convinced that she's getting a break. Any way you slice it, it's nice for us all to have a bit of a break from each other so that upon reconvening, we really appreciate what we've just missed for the last several hours.

When we went to drop Pic off, we hung around for a bit, talking with Auntie C (although when we got there I did tell Pic she could grab her pack and go knock and the door and we'd see her tomorrow...I was, of course, joking). After a bit of the adults visiting, Pic ran over to Cardo and asked him, "Is it almost time for you guys to leave yet?" Yes, we were almost finished encroaching on her evening of fun. Besitos were doled out and we were off.

We'll meet up in the morning for breakfast and to pick up the wee one. Until then, we're minus one very energetic, hilarious, inquisitive, talkative child for the evening. I already can't wait to see her in the morning.


Cardo may be resting, but I've got plenty to keep me entertained. I've finally made it to the top of the library's hold list for U is for Undertow and I'm intrigued by the story already. I'm just sad knowing that I'll fall asleep eventually and I probably won't finish the book before I do.

Also, I'd like to thank Coach J for sharing the following video with me this morning. Throughout, I was laughing like the dork I am. Happy Birthday, Will:

"Shakespeare sketch - A Small Rewrite"