Tuesday, December 7, 2010

all made up

Oh, my child, who is at the same time so like me and so unlike me. She just came in the den to show me this:

She is such a girlie-girl (sometimes). Now, if only Mamma owned eye shadow, she wouldn't have to resort to using washable marker (thanks be she used the washable marker).

I think I must be a very different person now, in many ways, than I was when I was Pic's age. I remember my favorite color was pink. I wanted pink everything: skin, hair, eyes, ecc. I liked dresses and "being fancy" in general. I'm not sure when I grew out of this. Long ago.

Pic's favorite color is black and she doesn't mind getting dirty (I hated being dirty and I still kind of do). However, she loves wearing skirts (while simultaneously wearing several other layers of clothing) and makeup. When she recently spent the night at her friend L's house, she was almost bursting with glee because they got to play with makeup. She's obsessed with weddings and all the frilly stuff that's supposed to go along with them. Just wait until she hears about school dances. (Hmm, school dances? Perhaps we'll have to hold some homeschool dances.)

If she doesn't grow out of this, well, let's just say that if she ever chooses to get married (and, if she's able to) I might be steering very clear of her. I jest...I'll simply keep very quiet and remember that it's not my party. ;)