Tuesday, December 28, 2010

commercial tv? no, thanks

A few things I have recently seen on channels I don't usually have access to:

-- My first Snuggies commercial. I decided they make people look like super-fancy Benedictine monks.

-- I watched a man use a Wonder Mop! (or something similarly named) to clean up a spilled drink from the floor. He then wrung out the mop over a glass and declared the drink ready for consumption. Eew.

-- I watched a couple buy a 600ish-square-foot house for $420,000 -- no parking, tiny bedroom, couple hundred dollars-a-month of HOA fees. Oy. Cardo, Pic and I have no plans to move to San Francisco anytime ever.

-- I watched a child who could have been no more than five have her eyebrows waxed.


I have something of a TV addiction and I need to not have this much access to so much junky crap.