Monday, December 20, 2010

i give you my heart

Fittingly, I was inspired by Tara's Inspiration Monday to try an origami heart.

I made a mistake at step six because I didn't see how the picture was any different from the picture above and I interpreted the instructions incorrectly.

Ah, well, it still came out as a heart. And, my next attempt was spot on.

My first love note was for Pic and the second I made for Cardo. When I handed Pic's to her, she looked at it, started to unfold it and said, "Thanks. What the heck is it?"

Soon after, she wanted to make one for me and then one for Snuggles (the no-longer covert cat). My first instinct was to tell her, "No, make one for Papi instead; Snuggs can't read," but I refrained. And, Pic got to practice her spelling skills in writing Snuggles's note.

We've decided to make these, perhaps out of newspaper and paint, or maybe wrapping paper from the thrift store, for valentines next year.