Saturday, December 25, 2010

happy (belated) solstice!

Oh, my.

We enjoy a very sedate end-of-the-year holiday season. Nevertheless, by Solstice, I was worn down. Okay, so I was overly tired and didn't properly nourish or hydrate myself until late in the afternoon. Also, Pic and I missed the bus twice -- once because we were just a couple of minutes too late and once because the bus was eight minutes early -- which meant it took three hours to get across town. (Again, ugh.)

We got to Cardo's work and our day brightened when we spotted Auntie C. Pic and I sat and had a nice, long chat with her. Eventually, though, Auntie C had to leave and Pic and I took the car to head out on a quest for Cardo's gift. By that point, we didn't have much time (or much luck) and we returned to Cardo's work giftless. In just moments, I was a weepy mess. Cardo and I were both exhausted, but we ran a few errands and ended the evening by finally buying a tree, decorating it and opening gifts.

The ornaments are a combination of store-bought and handmade, with a few gifted ones.

Pic was the only one to open any gifts on Solstice. She opened a gift card to JoAnn's from Nana and Papa, an easel from us and the gift she insisted we wrap for Snuggles.

I wonder what Snuggles got?! (He got a little remote-control mouse. I'm not sure who was more excited, Pic or Snuggles.)

We're fancy here with our gifts strewn haphazardly about the floor. We finally ran out of a very old roll of wrapping paper and moved onto newspaper.

Wednesday went more smoothly. We dropped Cardo off at work and then ran errands. Pic and I had to make a mall run to get See's candies as a gift for Grandma J. There might be other See's stores in town, but I have no idea where, so we had to go to the mall. Just the thought of going made me tense. I clearly explained to Pic that we were there for one reason only. However, as soon as we walked in, we discovered the new play area the mall owners had installed. "Discovered" in the sense that we talk about 15th- and 16th-century explorers "discovering" the "new world." There was an overwhelming amount of kids all over the place. Just the sight of it filled me with anxiety. Pic, though, was deeply delighted. She asked if she could play for a while. Because I'm such a wonderful person all of the time, I started to snap at her. But, I got over myself and followed after her. I headed to a seat intended for guardians to occupy while keeping close surveillance on their wards (really, the rules state that kids should be closely supervised or the mall might implode...or something). We only stayed for about fifteen minutes, but Pic's face was shining happily. I love that she is so easily pleased; I feel like such a jerk because I'm so easily miffed. We got the candy -- including a few pieces for us, certo -- and headed off to allow Pic to use her gift card and to find Cardo's gift.

Among the items Pic got with her gift card, she chose a painting kit. She painted the little dogs and dressed them up. They now reside in her bedroom.

Yesterday, Pic and I baked, which I might have more to say about later, and then all of us spent an evening at Grandma J's.

Today, Pic and I slept late. We had breakfast at 5th St Bakehouse. Baker D came out to sit with us for a few minutes and he brought Pic a cookie on a little plate. He asked her, "Do you know what that is?"

"A gingerbread man," she replied.

"It's a gingerbread Jabba the Hutt." He proceeded to do a few impressions. So funny!

(I don't think either Cardo or I have ever seen a full Star Wars movie and Pic has never seen even a part of one, but I do get the reference and know what Jabba the Hutt looks like.)

More baking and gift opening happened today, after a nice long walk (yea!). Cardo finished his evening by falling asleep on the couch and Pic and I finished ours with a little painting, using the new easels. After editing (perhaps) and posting this, I'm off to bed with "C" is for Corpse and then some rest.

To all: Happy Holidays!