Friday, May 13, 2011

announcing the la casa b book club

I have this fantasy that, when Pic's a bit older, she'll be interested in doing a multi-generational book club. (Parent-child, older person-younger person, whatever.) I've read about these clubs and I really hope that she's interested in these in the future. In our home, really intense reading is my thing. I think the general idea might be spreading because Cardo is wanting to read something with me. But what?

I have been fantasizing about the hundreds of books on my various to-read lists. (Yes, I live in my head a lot.) But what would Cardo also enjoy? What might keep him awake long enough to get through?

I'm not sure how discussions will go, but I'm feeling it's time to read Harry Potter again and Cardo has not yet made it through the series.

So, here's to some Harry! And maybe we'll finish in time to top off our reading with a super-long movie marathon that can include the final instalment. I have no idea when the final movie comes out. (And, I'll try to not to complain too much about how much the movies diverge from the books. I'll try to understand that the movies aren't the books.)

Here's to much more reading in our home!


Kat said...

Isn't is strange to recommend books? It is like introducing friends. I am always nervous as if they will be judging my friends.

v said...

Exactly! And, I realize that while I read a lot, I'm really picky. Cardo has an even more refined taste for books than I do. This is going to be tricky.