Friday, May 27, 2011

yes, it's spring

It might not feel like spring. It might be windy and cloudy, rainy, maybe snowy, but it's spring. And, I vowed to start spring cleaning two weeks ago. Okay, so I never refer to any of my cleaning as spring cleaning as I'm constantly freaking out about and trying to clear out the piles and piles of stuff that constantly threaten to overtake us.

So, my bathroom is somewhat, almost clean. Should it take what feels like all day to clean one small bathroom? (It didn't take nearly that long, but I still have some to do tomorrow.) We tackled some of the compost issues we've got going on. I also have to shine up the teapot, which, yes, I do. Then, there're always dishes and the catpan and ecc and ecc and ecc.

Tomorrow, though, is also date night for Cardo and me. We're occasionally dating, which we always say we'll get around to. Not quite sure what the plan is for tomorrow, yet. I'm thinking dinner and a walk, but it might be yet another blustery day.

There also might be a program at the library we'll be wanting to take in. I have to look that up in just a moment here. O, how I missed my beloved library time. Pic missed it, too.

And, there are friends to catch up with.

And, there's daydreaming to be done. Ah, yes, there's always that.


Kat said...

I fight the urge to hoard things constantly. My mom, as I have said before, is a full on hoarder, so I know what it is like to live in a house where we save everything. But, I also find myself holding on to things. Things I don't reallly need, but that I "might" need. I am always unure if I will be able to afford it in future, so I just save stuff. Lots of stuff.