Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what's cookin'?

Hey, look at that: I do still use my rangetop! I know that I've been somewhat entirely silent round these parts about cooking. It's not because I haven't done any, rather it's because I haven't done any that's been noteworthy (as opposed to all of my eight-course marvels of the past, no?).

So, what was I cooking up in my makeshift double-boiler last night? In the bowl I use to make laundry detergent no less?

Mmm...deodorant! (Just a note: don't ever eat anything I make in the duck bowl. It's for non-consumables only.)

I have been at the very bottom of the two sticks of deodorant I have knocking about here, but I have refused to buy new deodorant because I told myself I'd make it. This summer, I'll be trying to move toward making a lot more of what I can and use a lot less packaged stuff and produce a lot less waste. (Here's hoping the deodorant turns out okay and I don't have to throw it all away.)

I cannot tell you how long I've had this recipe bookmarked, because I can't remember. It's been a good couple of years, or at least a year and a half. Something like that. However, I've always thought I was too busy to make this. Apparently, I didn't note the whole it-takes-30-seconds-in-the-microwave part. I finally bought the ingredients I didn't have on hand, and, even without a microwave, this came together in a matter of minutes. I did manage to break my measuring spoon in the shea butter (I've been looking for metal measuring spoons at the thrift shops for forever, and I'll have to step up the search now) and I dropped the lid of the tangerine oil in the nice hot liquid, but it went well otherwise.

So, we'll see how this goes. And, yes, I know. Sono pazza.


P. S. I love, love, love Angry Chicken (whence the recipe came).


P. P. S. I went with tangerine oil because it was cheap and I love citrus scents. I almost went with the bergamot, but the tangerine cost less. However, if you want some seriously expensive deodorant, wild chamomile essential oil was $35.99 for .5 ounces (yes, that decimal point is in the right place).


Kat said...

But. How well does it work? I am a serious sweater. I know TMI. I am always on the lookout for good deodorant and if I could make some that actually works! That would be great! So, I am looking forward to an update on this.

v said...

It hasn't been warm enough here (and I haven't been exerting myself enough) for me to be very sweaty. I also sweat, though, and sometimes a lot. The deodorant is definitely not an antiperspirant, but I haven't used one of those in over three years now.

The deodorant is seriously awesome, though. I'll have to let you know more later, when it warms up here.