Wednesday, May 4, 2011

bits and bobs

* Walking to work yesterday netted me a shoe full of blood. Very nice, very nice. I took a series of buses today, instead.

* I once again have a phone that works. It's much like my old phone. Except there's a camera on this phone and it makes the loudest noise ever when capturing images.

* Alice Walker has a children's book called To Hell with Dying. Have only read the synopsis, but the title's great.

* Am wanting some silver glitter nail polish but haven't found any at Whole Foods. Am really hoping that the Coop will start selling nail polish once they move to the larger spot.

* Am always and forever completely exhausted but must read some Ursula K Le Guin before sleep.

* Hyperbole! It's, like, the absolute most greatest thing ev-ah! And, sentence subjects? Only occasionally necessary!


Kat said...

Totally thought that said "bits and boobs." Oh well.

v said...

I was skimming through blog post titles on my dashboard several weeks ago and kept misreading "pension" as "penis." I did this more than once.