Thursday, November 10, 2011

a lesson in...something

Determination, perhaps?

I am physically exhausted right now (my eyes want to close). I'm about to go get into bed and think about whether I should go to sleep. Yes, it's 7:01 in the evening as I write this.

However, I knew I couldn't go lay down before I posted. But, I only have flitting ideas of topics. Enter: One Minute Writer. Today's prompt: With the Internet at our fingertips, is there too much information available? If so, in what way?

Yes. But, really, that's not what I wanted to write about regarding this topic. (The prompt brought to mind this other thing.)

Sometimes, I come here and ask questions, the answers to which I could find through the google god. But, I don't always want to look things up online. Sometimes I want personal accounts from people I know (or people I "know"). This is why I read so many blogs. I want to know how other people do the day-to-day thing. When I want to know how to cook or bake something, I want to hear about the experience from someone non-random. When I want to decide on a new book to read, I want a suggestion from someone familiar.

When I have a Desk Set-type-question, I want the mental exercise of trying to remember the answer with a friend, not by interacting with a search bar and dealing with the wiki-world and the like. Although I'm using the computer to communicate my queries, I don't always want EMARAC to be the one giving the responses.


Kat said...

Oh Katharine Hepburn, you are so amazing.

I refuse to argue with anyone anymore about something that can be googled. Whenever someone starts in on something that could be solved by a quick glance at wikipedia (I know, I know) I just head for the computer.

I get this though. I am becoming someone who uses technology, but also longs for the "old days." I want both. And, I guess as long as other folks out there do as well, then I can still have it.

Oh, and I checked wikipedia to see how to spell Katharine Hepburn's name.

kate said...

I love, love, love that movie!

I agree with Kat exactly on both points. I love the ease and quickness that google/wiki/etc provide. I miss interacting with others though.

v said...

Ah, ladies after my own heart! Regarding both the digital-personal issue and Hepburn.