Wednesday, November 2, 2011

nearly ww

I think I actually like the curls-in-progress look better (at least it's kind of weird). Next time, I'll not put my hair up when it's very wet (I did wait a day-and-a-half to take the headband out).

Thanks to Poke for the idea, via Pinterest.


kate said...

I really like the look of the "in progress curls" from the back especially. I like the curls afterward as well but why is it that they never come out all the same curliness? I have one side that curls really well and the other that comes out, well, not as well. Do you have the same problem?

wv: quide: a question you ask to guide someone to an answer.

v said...

Love the word verification! Yeah, the sides of my hair have always done their own thing. And, the back was pretty flat. I really like how the Pinterest person's curls came out (not the person in the video, but the person who posted the video...the blonde woman).