Tuesday, November 15, 2011


You know that dream where you're talking in front of a group and you look down and realize you're naked? Well, I've never had that dream, but yesterday? I decided, eh, who needs dreams when you've got real life?

Okay, so I wasn't naked, because I seriously think I would notice that. I did look down at one point yesterday, though, and realize that two of my blouse buttons were undone. Right there at my bust. (My bust was apparently going for a little pun there, busting out of my shirt. I was not amused.)

I didn't really know what to do. I suppose I could have pulled a "Hey, everybody, look at that over there in the opposite direction of me!" but I simply kept talking and buttoned up my shirt.

Insert long sigh here.


* I was tempted to title this 'peek-a-boob' but I never refer to my breasts as boobs, so I didn't want it to be the title. However, I was thinking about how convenient it would be as a title.


Kat said...

We had this substitute teacher when I was in high school was ancient. I loved her because she had all these great stories. One was about how when she would get ready for school she would sit in front of her make-up counter in her bra and girdle and then get dressed before leaving for work. One day it was cold (I think she was out of wood for her woodstove) and she put on her skirt and her coat over her bra finished her make-up and then ran to school. It was cold at school so she taught with her coat all morning. Finally, in the afternoon it warmed up she took off her coat and realized she had never put on her blouse. She figured she had taught in her bra for at least 20 minutes. She said the weirdest part was that NO ONE said anything. Ever. About it.

v said...

Oh. Freaking hilarious. I am cracking up over here. I thought it was weird no one said anything to me, but maybe there's some unwritten etiquette I am just unaware of.