Wednesday, July 7, 2010

blog sprint: oddity

One Minute Writer from Monday: Write about something other people think is odd about you.

Cardo was recently telling me of a conversation he had with a coworker. She thinks it's strange that I don't have a car. (It's been almost a full year now, since we sold my car.) She can't understand that I don't want to drive. I do like to drive, sometimes -- when we're on road trips. Actually, usually I'm the one reading aloud when we drive, as Cardo doesn't like to read aloud much, so it's best if I'm not the one driving, certo. I've gotten into listening to podcasts, so we'll be listening on our next long trip and perhaps I can do a bit of the driving.

Anyhow, we've realized that we spend less money when we only have one car. I know this sounds obvious. We didn't have car payments on either car. Cardo bought his used from a friend who let him make payments. He paid it off long ago. I had my car for about eight years and paid it off in just under six. We did, though, have to pay insurance on both cars. And, we had to pay for gas for both cars. Where we're really saving money, though, is on outings. When I did have a car, Pic and I would sometimes go out and wander in stores and spend money on things we most likely didn't need. Without a car, we have to carry whatever we purchase and it makes any shopping trip something of a trek, so we purchase less.

I haven't regretted selling the car. Cardo keeps saying things like, "When we buy you a car," but I really don't want to buy another car. There are times, like yesterday, when owning a car would be incredibly convenient, but we're getting by. (Kind of briefly: Yesterday, Pic and I needed to go to the post office to send a package for Cardo. We didn't take the wagon, because we were going to take the bus and end up at Cardo's work. The first bus we would have caught was ten minutes late and we had already left the bus stop and started walking down the road when the bus finally passed us. The second bus, at the downtown terminal never showed up for its scheduled stop. Because of poor planning on my part, we hadn't brought snacks and Pic was weepy with hunger by the time Cardo picked us up at the bus terminal on his way home from work. Ah well. Yesterday is over. We got by.)


Yes, that was longer than one minute. I certainly don't type that quickly. I just think it's funny that Cardo's coworker finds me so odd for this decision.