Sunday, July 25, 2010

it's a date

Yesterday, Cardo and I did a bit of anniversary celebrating. (Our wedding anniversary just past and the anniversary of us as an 'us' is upcoming very shortly.) This was a bit of impromptu celebrating: we were browsing the RN&R in the morning and saw a screenshot of part of Inception. I told Cardo that a few people had mentioned that they liked the movie and he said he was interested in seeing it. Pic took one look at the picture, in which two characters are brandishing guns, and informed us, 'You want to watch a scary movie. I will stay at Ms F's.' Cardo and I were fortunate in that Ms F promptly agreed to host Pic for the night. Spontaneous date night! Awesome!

I should mention that Cardo and I are completely inept when it comes to picking out movies to view in the theatre. This always leaves me especially disappointed for several reasons. I don't like to spend money on movie tickets and I like it even less when I don't even enjoy the film. I don't like the smell (or the taste) of (incredibly, fantastically overpriced) movie theatre popcorn. Movie theatres are eardrum-assultingly loud. I could be reading rather than watching He's Just Not That Into You. I don't like to not talk during a movie; in fact, I'm not capable of not talking during a movie. Wow. Don't you just want to invite me to see a movie now? Yeah, thought not.

I think last night's movie worked out well for a couple of reasons. It was such an unexpected date night that it had a kind of surreal and wonderful quality to it. I was bound to enjoy myself. Also, I knew absolutely nothing about the movie, except that Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were in it. (This was neutral information. I don't have strong feelings about either actor.) While we were looking at the RN&R earlier that morning, I only incredibly briefly scanned Inception's review and I noticed their names. I didn't even look at the picture closely. I liked having almost no expectations of the movie. I just knew a few other people I know had liked it. Enough for me. I'll watch this again at some point. I think it deserves more than one viewing. I'm going to remain vague about the movie and leave it at that.

In somewhat unrelated otherness, I am on a reinvigorated Beatles kick. I have been wanting to listen to all Beatles all the time here. And, this leads me to want to see Across the Universe for a second time. I was hoping it'd still be available on Netflix's instant play thing. Alas, no. In the meantime, I'll sate this craving with bits and clips from youtube.

What else would you recommend I see? Any other movies worthy of a couple of hours of (kind of) undivided attention?