Thursday, July 15, 2010


[I'm a bit burnt out right now, so I'll keep this short.]

It took Pic and me about three days to complete this 550-piece puzzle. I love it! It was definitely a challenge, but it was a great one. I couldn't pass by the table without putting together a piece or two...or thirty.

When I was younger, we'd buy puzzles from thrift shop and put them together. This was an activity my mom, my sister and I participated in. Pic has always been fond of puzzles. It's nice to be able to share at least some similar interests with her.


kate said...

How do you keep your pieces safe from the cat? We love puzzles too but the cats just find it too enticing to scatter and/or lay on all of the pieces.

v said...

I'm really not sure how we keep Snuggles off the puzzles. Actually, we don't; he just stays away. When we play board games, however, he always wants to lay right across those.