Thursday, October 28, 2010


Both the message and the animation held me enthralled.*

"RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms"

I feel like I've heard this talk before. Otherwise, I'm so wrapped up in absorbing similar information that it's familiar to me. I'll have to look around some of the blogs I read to see if I did, in fact, here this elsewhere.


* Can I be "held entralled"? Is that how that term works? From the OED:

1. trans. To reduce to the condition of a thrall; to hold in thrall; to enslave, bring into bondage. Now rare in lit. sense.
2. fig. To ‘enslave’ mentally or morally. Now chiefly, to captivate, hold spellbound, by pleasing qualities.

Maybe I was held in thrall? But, wow, I don't know that I ever knew the connections with enslavement.

And, why yes, I do obsess much. Language is least for me.


P.S. I've definitely seen Sir Ken Robinson speak before. Now, to figure out who linked to video.