Friday, October 8, 2010

notes from the cocoon

Argh and ugh and all that jazz. I'm in the middle of constantly rethinking the decisions I made a few short months ago. I'm swamped and exhausted and losing motivation by the day. It's showing in small ways. However, I feel like there are cracks in a wall that's holding back a mountain of dirt and boulders all too willing to bury me. The small ways feel they're about to become much bigger.

In the meantime, to numb my anxiety, I've been escaping to Seattle Grace. I've been watching previous seasons of Grey's Anatomy. I guess I've missed the last two years of this show, although I didn't realize it's been so long since I've seen it. Any thoughts I have on it have most likely been discussed ad nauseam months or even years ago. But...

What the crap is up with season six? Actually, season five was bad enough. I loved George O'Malley, but he kind of started disappearing from the show. (And, then he finished disappearing. Alas.) Why? If anyone is still watching the show: Is it worth it without O'Malley? (Okay, so you have to think it's worth it in the first place, to answer that question, of course.)

And, season six is just sad.

Ah, well. Perhaps this is why I don't watch much tv.