Thursday, October 28, 2010

the next question goes to...

I am watching the Reid-Angle Nevada Senate Debate. We listened to this on KUNR, which means we had audio only, of course. Yes, I already voted, I'm just a nerd.

Oh, politicians, all of you I've heard, I'm begging, "Answer the question, please." There are times I think you have to learn a special kind of speaking rhetoric to be a politician. Politicians must have some kind of internal sensor that sounds the alarm, "Warning! Do not, under any circumstances, answer that question. Divert to approved topic."

Okay, perhaps I'm a bit jaded. (When did that happen? I'm too young to be jaded, no? Maybe I just need to "man up"* and get used to it. Ugh.)


* Oh, geez, "man up." Really? Because only real men can participate in government business? What a strange comment to come from a female candidate. I don't want to hear that from anyone, male or female.


Okay, now I have to stop typing and listening. As I was just explaining to Pic today, I can do one thing well or more than one thing not so well. Let's hear it for monotasking! (Unitasking?)