Friday, October 15, 2010

star-gazing unschoolers

It's been a bit of tough going as far as scheduling and whatnot here in La Casa B. So, it's days like today that help me get through this. First off, I had an interesting discussion with an acquaintance today. He told me about the pressure he feels to follow the oft-prescribed path and about what he's actually passionate about. I told him we unschool and he didn't look at me as if I am crazy (who knows what he thought).

Later this afternoon and evening? The main event. We have regular park days with our homeschooling group and we met up with them today at a new park. I've been feeling very under the weather, so while Pic played in her first kickball game, I napped on the grass. (I was waiting for someone to ask me to move or something.) After the park, we headed way, way out to one of the group's family's houses (please tell me all of that sentence worked out).

The location was fabulous and the company was too. One of our group members brought his telescope and we were able to see craters on the moon and Uranus and its moons (yes, that sentence is like a middle-school dream). We had dinner and the kids ran around like the rambunctious littles they are. Our host had so thought-fully provided those little glow-sticks for the kids to wear so we wouldn't lose any kids in the dark. We had to cut out a little early because my body was hurting and I was tired. And, we have another big homeschooling outing planned for tomorrow.

Perhaps I'll even remember the camera.