Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I only need to get through about thirty-nine more days until I can indulge in a day of complete relaxation. What I'm looking forward to:

* staying in my pajamas all day (unless we indulge in a little 5th St. Bakehouse, then I'll get dressed)
* breaking out a new word puzzle book
* reading many, many books with Pic
* not planning, responding, evaluating, gathering materials for the upcoming days

Of course, about forty days from now, all that stuff in the last bullet point starts all over again. Ah, well.


When I think about daydreaming (whoa!* how very metacognitive), this song gets stuck in my head:

"daydreamin (the ostrich song)"


* In my head, that "whoa!" is a la Joey from Blossom. -- Now, I think I've proved I'm entirely too tired to function well right now. Off to bed. G'night.