Sunday, November 28, 2010


On Friday, we were out and about. I have been looking for practical yet cute (enough) boots to replace my old ones. (I've got snow boots that I plan on keeping until I die, if they'll last that long, but I need some better boots for work.) We didn't find any boots (I'm picky and I freak out about spending too much money on any one (or one pair of) item(s)*). Our outing wasn't a bust, though.

We have been wanting to take Pic to a movie for some time, but she's not a fan of the dark and hasn't wanted to go yet. Also, she is convinced that most movies are scary. However, when I asked her Friday morning if she wanted to see Tangled (the new Disney animated movie-version of Rapunzel), she agreed. We ended up at a cinema across town, not one we usually go to. We were walking toward our theatre when I heard my name. The voice was unfamiliar, so I figured there was another v there and I continued on. Finally, I did turn around and I was the one being called. It turns out that my godparents and their family were also at that showing of Tangled. They had come to the earlier viewing, but it was sold out, so they returned to the one we attended. Pic ended up getting to sit next someone her own age and next to an older girl she adores. My godparents and the older girl's sister also sat in that row. Cardo and I sat several rows higher, with my friend (my godparents' granddaughter) and her mom.

Pic did pretty well at the movie. At one point, she headed up to our row. We thought the theatre had become too dark or that she had become scared, but she walked up to Cardo and announced, not too quietly, "I just need gummies!" (We hadn't quite divided up our snacks very well before the movie.)

Anyhow, Pic ended up enjoying her first cinema experience. And, she talked her way into spending the night at her friend's house that night. (Let's see if you're following the family tree: Pic's friend is my godparents' great-granddaughter, L.) And, because we were child-free for the night (which never feels right to us), Cardo and I went to see another movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. I'm always kind of weirded out when things aren't the same as they are in my imagination and seeing the movie really made me want to read the books again. Actually, Cardo said he really wanted to read the books, too, now that we saw that movie. Give me three weeks, and I might start them over again. Twice in one year? I'm down with that.


* Was that complicated enough? Then, with the asterisk, even more complicated?


kate said...

OK, so I just found these boots and thought they might fit the bill.. Versatile, simple, earth-friendly, AND they give back to others. I'm not exactly sure how the whole wrap thing works, but it seem pretty neat.

v said...

If the boots weren't $98/pair, I might consider them. I'm forever and sadly afraid to spend money in large amounts. It makes Cardo crazy. However, I will look around the site some more.