Monday, November 22, 2010

this is my dance space

Watching this clip* just now, I finally realized Baby's mom is Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop).

And, yet, again, I wish I could dance.

Also, I should go to bed. We're entering a tough week of getting up extra early to accomodate Cardo's schedule. But, we do have a Blueberry Apple Crumble pie from 5th St. Bakehouse to look forward to, so that's something.


* Embedding has been disabled.


kate said...

...This is your dance space.

It is somewhat disturbing to me that I thought of that movie as soon as I saw the title of your post. Then I thought maybe you were going to talk about her being on Dancing With the Stars (even though I don't know if you watch that).

v said...

I think the line is definitely recognizable. :) I can't remember why I was watching the clip last night. It was on the sidebar of some other youtube video I was watching.

Kelly Bishop was on Dancing with the Stars? I've never seen that show.