Monday, November 1, 2010

we go out walking

Today, Cardo dropped Pic off with me and she and I took the bus home. After dropping off my too many pounds of books and stuff, she and I headed back out. The wagon is in the car, so Pic opted to take her bike while I walked and we headed down to a familiar, friendly food establishment. It took us about an hour to get down there an about an hour to get back.

Walking with Pic is always an adventure (small though it may be). We stop to look at giant dandelions and collect capless acorns. I was starting to drag by the time we were almost home. I always want to rush and just get back, take off my shoes and relax. No matter how tired she is, though, Pic never minds stopping to observe anything that catches her eye.

Today, by the end of our walk, I was pushing the bike along while Pic, still helmet-clad, was wandering along beside (sometimes behind) me. We were so close to home when she spied a cat across the street we were on and, of course, we had to cross and spend some time with the cat. I tried not to push us along.

When we were ready to go, Pic told the cat, "Be careful for dogs."

"And," I added, "be careful for cars."

Pic had the last word with, "Yeah, and cars. And, be careful for stuff that will eat you."


kate said...

Lots of good advice for that cat from the La Casa B home. :)