Wednesday, January 12, 2011

foodstuffs, glorious foodstuffs

So, before I ran out of steam this past end-of-the-year, I decided to make a treat or two for distributing to various friends. Here was (most of) the line-up:

The most popular treat were the caramel crumb bars (which, here, is just one giant caramel crumb rectangle). I figured they'd be pretty easy to make, and they were. There are very few ingredients. (Okay, so I just looked at the recipe again and it seems there were more ingredients than I remember.) I wouldn't say they were quick to put together, as Judy of No Fear Entertaining says they are, but I am pretty incapable of making anything quickly.

There is one odd thing about these, though: several people, including Cardo, thought they had fruit in them. Huh.

Next up, fudge.

I haven't made fudge, I guess, since Poke and I made army-man fudge in high school. I had forgotten how much butter goes into fudge. Fudge is okay, I guess. I always think I'm going to like it more than I do. I was in a weird mood, though, and thought I should make some.

Finally (kind of):

Peppermint patties. That was surreal. I had often wondered what was in the middle of the peppermint patties I've bought on occasion. It turns out it's powdered sugar. The process was a bit messy, but not horrible. As you can see, I wasn't exactly going for a really professional look here. I was kind of in a rush so we could go visit a friend.

I'm not sure how I feel about peppermint patties now. If I do make these again, though, I'll try to get the dough much flatter. (How weird is it to call the inside of the patty "dough"?)

Cardo and I also made some maple rosemary popcorn together, but not only did I not get a picture of it, I didn't get a taste of it either, as we gave it all away. (I did manage to utterly and completely burn the crap out of the first batch of pecan pieces, though. Why couldn't I have ruined something less expensive?) We need to acquire some more rosemary and make this again, because I really want some. We've been out of town off and on and we've also been a bit sick around these parts, but we're starting to feel normal again. I think we need to get around to making this popcorn before the following weekend is out. And, perhaps, some caramel corn. (And, perhaps, some bigger pants.)


So, wow, I can't believe I actually went back and posted on a topic I meant to get to. Maybe this means I'll get around to posting about our October unschooling adventures? Hmm, we'll see.