Sunday, January 30, 2011


We were in the car today and Pic was playing with Cardo's phone when it started ringing. We had just pulled into a parking lot. Instead of Pic passing the phone forward to the front seat, Pic answered the phone. We heard, "Hello. Good, how you? We're here. We just got here." [No, I didn't mistype there; Pic really does say a somewhat slurred version of "how are you" that comes out something like "how you."]

Cardo and I were giggling in the front seat. Cardo asked her why she answered the phone. Usually, the only time she'll answer a phone is if Cardo is calling home or my cell and I assure her that it's him. Today, though, she responded, "It was my turn to answer the phone! You always do it!"

I'm sitting in the den catching up on e-mails and skimming through my Blogger dashboard. Cardo's phone just rang and I heard Pic answer it (apparently she's not asleep) and wake Cardo up to tell him, "Papi! Someone would like to speak to you." (I'm not sure who's calling at one in the morning.)

We might have to be careful with this. Who knows who she'll have conversations with.