Thursday, January 6, 2011

okay, one more

* What is with the "man room"/"man cave" thing? I remember seeing the idea on that Tim Allen show forever ago, kind of a joke. However, watching interweb-provided episodes of House Hunters, I heard so many men proclaim, "This could be my man room." I kind of kept waiting for them to pound their chests and drag female partners out by their hair. (Okay, not really.) Seriously, though, the idea of having a "man room" leads to the idea that a home is no place for a man. The house is the female's domain, right (which also implies that there is a female, but I only heard the phrase used when there was a male-female couple involved)? The powers that be forbid that "the man of the house" have any real connection to the house. It seems that the idea that a man's house is his castle has been forgotten or tossed aside. Where do men belong now? Apparently in basements with mini-fridges full of beer. Other than that? At work? Earning the money to keep his little woman and her domestic haven?

I'm finished with this now. (I'm pretty sure.)


And, yes, I'm still up and, yes, thoughts like these plague me in the quiet hours.