Friday, January 21, 2011

'twas a very good day

Today, I slept in. (Ah, glory be!) Pic did, too. I've got a catch-as-catch-can attitude about sleep lately. Sleep and I have our problems, so we're trying to work out some kind of working relationship.

We stopped by 5th St. for a leisurely brunch. (Every meal with Pic seems leisurely. She's got her own slow food movement going on.) After that, we headed over to the library where Pic and I played a bit and she and her friends colored once they arrived. We had a recycling education presentation one of the other homeschoolers set up through Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful. The kids, although a bit on the eager side when it came to questions and comments*, really seemed to enjoy the presentation and the woman leading the discussion worked really well with them.

After we finished up there, a few of us headed over to a nearby park for a little while. We had to take off when we realized there is no bathroom at the park (argh!), but Cardo and I did get in a nice hour-long walk after availing ourselves of some other facilities. (Pic rode along in the wagon.)

It's entirely too early for us to be home, but here we are. If it weren't as cold and if night didn't roll around so early, we'd have walked longer (well, I would have). Perhaps tomorrow we'll party into the night...


* That's totally my issue. Every time Pic raised her hand and then blurted out her question or comment without waiting to be called on, I wanted to rush up to her and explain the whole hand-raising concept. (Am I a bit of a control freak? No. Not just a bit.)