Monday, January 3, 2011


Pic and I have been under the weather (such a strange phrase*) for the past few days. Actually, she's only been sick since yesterday. We know things aren't going well when she actually tells us she's sick. Usually, she denies it vehemently.

She spent most of yesterday asleep, which was nice. She was very clingy, as if she thought I was about to head off on some six-month trip without her. I spent a lot of time laying on our bed while she slept. At one point, when she finally fell into a deep sleep, I snuck out to come to the office and watch episodes of House Hunters on hulu. (I've always been a bit obsessed with real estate stuff, so this age of shows like House Hunters and Flip That House is sometimes fabulous for me.) Less than an hour later, though, Pic emerged from my bedroom, wailing. She insisted that, even while she was cuddling with Cardo, I be very, very near. We all spent the night in the living room on the pull-out bed.

Today, Pic and I spent a good long time sleeping. She sounds so much better and I feel better also. Now, I'm looking forward to finishing up some reading, taking a nice hot shower, and finishing my kitchen clean-up.

Tomorrow will be dedicated to getting back to paycheck-earning (kind of; okay, not really) business. Ah.


* According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the phrase originated in the US in 1827, first recorded in The Austin Papers and, according to, might have something to do with sailing.