Thursday, February 24, 2011

ex-squeeze me? baking powder?

(Oh, yes, I did use that as my title.)

I am a compulsive reader. I'll read, um, stuff I have absolutely zero interest in. Take, for instance, the article I just read about an upcoming remake of The Bodyguard.

A few things. First: okay, so I didn't really read the article. I started to, but I couldn't get very far before I quit, and I'll explain in just a moment. But, before that, second: Why? Seriously, why do a remake of this movie? I think I've already admitted to having no taste when it comes to movies, but I really, really disliked this movie. If I could have those minutes back, I'd take 'em. (That goes for the time I watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Indecent Proposal. Oh, and Bio-Dome, Cabin Boy, Happy Gilmore, and oh-so-many more. Oh, this list could get a lot more depressing really quickly. Must. stop. now.)

Why did I quit reading in the third paragraph? The writer actually wrote, actually wrote, that the movie "spawned one of the biggest ballads of all time, 'I Will Always Love You.'" I'll just step back a moment and let that sink in.

And, then, I'll offer this:

"Dolly Parton - I will always love you"
I include this version because I still think it's funny that this is a madam singing this to the sheriff with whom she's having a secret love affair and that so many people choose this as their wedding song. (I've talked about this here before.) In case you still haven't listened to the lyrics, she's leaving him.

Parton wrote this song, but not for the movie. (This information I got from Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business, which I own and which I enjoyed. How much am I freaking people out with how high-brow I obviously am?)


And, yes, I should probably stop clicking on the linked articles on the Yahoo! homepage.

Also, yes, I have watched Wayne's World many, many times and I don't regret that at all. Ha!


Kat said...

Okay, so, that movie was all kinds of terrible. But, I am interested in the idea of a remake. I always feel sorry for Kevin Costner when I see that movie. He is trying SO hard. And all the costars are terrible. All. Of. Them.

I also hate it when people try to say "I Will Always Love You" is a Whitney song.