Tuesday, February 1, 2011

welcome february, o shortest of months

I've often read blog posts about how February seems to extend out into eternity. These posts were written by people who experience snowy, dark winters.

Here we are at the beginning of February, and, instead of feeling like it'll trudge along forever trying to meet the horizon, I feel like it's going to zip right by like it can't wait to meet up with March.

In my tiny world, so much is going on this month that I'm already thinking that the next time I come up for air, it'll be March. I'll not rush it (as if I could rush time).

There's so much to look forward to this month: the birthday of a certain small one, the birth of someone even smaller (one would hope), intellectual and strategic challenges, making food at home. What more? Snow? I think many other parts of the country have taken over the snow thing for now, but we can't possibly be quit of it here. Walks will be taken. Books will be read. Then, the lion of March will pounce on tiny, little February and we'll move into spring. And, there I go rushing and anticipating.

So, here's to February, O shortest of months.