Thursday, February 10, 2011


In a fit of midnight madness, Pic and I made gingerbread cookie dough about a month ago, I guess. Cardo had been asleep on the couch for a while and I was finishing up some gifty-stuff (perhaps it was more than a month ago...) and I decided that if I didn't make the dough right then (two a.m. to be more exact) I wouldn't get to it. So, Pic and I started up the project because who needs sleep really? This dough needs refrigeration, but we were heading out of town later that day, so I stashed the dough in the freezer.

Several weeks later.... We finally got some more cold weather. I actually saw snowflakes a few days ago. (Where are they now? Chissa.) I transferred the dough to the refrigerator and the day after, Pic and I went at it. The recipe is from The Ultimate Cookie Book (this link has no real information, but there's the cover anyhow). A few notes: the dough was seriously sticky, we added plenty more flour to coat our surface and the dough, I ended up popping the dough back in the freezer for fifteen minutes which helped incredibly, and apparently gingerbread cookie dough puffs up (after I had assured Pic that would could place the cookies close to one another because they wouldn't bake into one another).

So, ten points for anyone who can distinguish the cats from the moons from the hearts.

Oh, and there's Pic's gingerlady and my bell-bottom-clad gingerguy, too. I swear.

I ate some of these, although I was thinking I might not like gingerbread cookies when I pulled them out of the oven. Why was I thinking this? I'm not sure. But they are tasty and warmly spicy.

At the moment, I'm contemplating how many brownies I can eat before I'm disgustingly sick. More on the brownies later.