Monday, February 7, 2011

life learning

Last Friday, we had a homeschool park day. (Yes, yes, we're so very often outside of our home doing our learning.) At one point, a man toting a metal detector started sweeping through the park. He was like a mother duck with a line of ducklings following with all of the kids trailing behind him. Y'know, something like this:

(from Google Images)

We thought the kids might bother the guy, but he didn't seem to mind the entourage. At one point, they were all gathered around in a circle, kneeling, faces close the grass and dirt. They had found thirty-five cents and a nail. The parents stayed in the table area, watching the kids listen to an explanation of the metal detecting process. Shortly thereafter, the prospector left and the kids picked back up with their various pursuits.


On Saturday, I went out to lunch with a friend (so nice!) and Cardo and Pic went to Sierra Trading Post Outlet. There were a couple of other young kids there and they were asking Pic what school she goes to. Cardo says she responded, "I homeschool. The whole world is my school." I am hoping she still has this same attitude in ten, twenty, thirty years, and so on. I hope we all do.