Tuesday, June 15, 2010

blog sprint: mental wanderings

Today's One Minute Writer: Write about one thing you'd prefer to be doing at this moment, instead of what you're doing now. Also write about one thing you're glad you're not doing at this moment.

Actually, there isn't something I'd rather be doing right now. It's quiet here. Ah, peace. I'm listening to an episode of Humans Being, and, after that, I'll be reading.

Were I not doing this, were I actually doing something I don't enjoy, I'd like to be (prepare to be shocked)...walking! Yes, it's dark and getting chilly. It's probably as windy as it was when Pic and I were out earlier. However, I really, really enjoy my walks.

What am I glad I'm not doing at this moment? Um, so many things. There are many, many things I don't like to do. Dusting (actually I never dust). Doing many of the jobs I've done in my life (I've only really loathed one, and it barely lasted, so I'd make do if I had to). Watching pointless television (I'm good at this when we actually have satellite...I've been a bit off TV, though, for a good while now, though). This really could be a seemingly infinite list and I've already used more than one minute.

Hope you're able to do something you enjoy today.