Friday, June 11, 2010

please advise: what's new?

Sometimes, I just want to put a question out here in the ether. So, here's something I've been thinking about lately: Where do you all turn for your news?

I've been very secluded lately. I get most of my information from NPR (either online or actually on the radio). But, really, I want to know some other reliable sources for daily news. Suggestions very warmly welcomed.

(Oh, I also read Time when I can check it out from the library. I'm not a fan of Newsweek. Just in case either of those were going to be suggestions.)

Grazie mille!

"Newsies: Once and For All"


kate said...

I usually open the MSNBC page and look through headlines. Mike and I use Firefox as our browser and it has a "Latest Headlines" button that Mike clicks on to see what's going on. Most of the news on that comes from the BBC. I don't know how reliable either of these are, but that's what we use.

BTW, this is the third different Newsies clip someone has posted in as many days. I think the universe is telling me I need to watch it again. Not that I'm complaining. I love that movie. :)

Tara W. said...

I've fasted from news for years. No papers, radeio, tv...I get the big stuff online or through the grapevine. This works well for me, since I can really become overwhelmed with too much negativity. I get what I really need to know without getting too much.

v said...

Thanks, ladies. I listen to NPR podcasts of Talk of the Nation, The Diane Rehm Show and a couple of others (including Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me). I also have stories e-mailed to me and I choose what to read based on the titles and a brief description.

I just feel I should know much more than I do. I have a somewhat cruddy memory, so if I'm not constantly reading/hearing/talking about something, I forget it.

I think I have this weird idea that everyone else knows everything being reported and I'm woefully underinformed.