Monday, June 7, 2010

do the truffle shuffle

I usually bypass those "news" items that display on my homepage, but how could I pass up a bit of news about The Goonies?

After having skimmed through the beginning, which discusses a cast reunion in Astoria, I reached the part about what comes next for the characters. A sequel. I'm not sure how they're going to manage that. I always like the idea of following characters and/or a story I enjoy a bit more, but I'm not really on board with this. This movie just belongs to the eighties and it seems a sequel now would just fall flat.

However, oddly, I'm all for seeing what I believe would be the absolute silliness of a Goonies musical. Would it be something like Rocky Horror, with fans coming dressed as their favorite characters, participating in the action? Yeah, I guess not. That wouldn't work as people'd first have to have time to see the musical several times, at least, to become that familiar with it.

Thinking along those lines, though, I think they should play stuff like this at the drive-in, in addition to recently released films.


I couldn't embed this, but here's a link: "And then I made a noise like this..."