Friday, June 4, 2010


...only takes you so far on a blog.

I felt like I was so full of words last month. Then, this month? Not so much. I know it's only the fourth day of this month, but I really feel like I'm just in a quiet place. I'm not sure how that'll manifest itself in this space.

The weather is finally (thought not today, ha) turning into the warm sunshiny weather of late spring. I just want to be outside. Yesterday, I spent a good chunk of the day driving around, running errands, which was not ideal. This week and next, Cardo is working himself ragged. Also not ideal.

After a ridiculous hiatus during the month of May, I've returned to my pilates practice. I started out slowly with one routine last night. While I have absolutely no trouble getting in a decent or long walk most days, I struggle with my indoor exercise. I'm working on it.

A couple of nights ago, I found a Gaiam Yoga Fitness Kids video at Savers. Pic is always interested in at least starting my yoga or pilates routines with me, so I figured it'd be good to have a kid-centered video in our collection. We tried that out this afternoon. First off, we need another mat. Definitely. The video was okay. It presents a series of poses, but there isn't any transition between the poses. And, it's noisy. I was going to complain about that, but, of course, I was forgetting about audience (how I managed that, I don't know). For Pic, this is a pretty good video. I'd like if there was a bit more time and explanation getting into a few of the poses, but at least I'm here to help with that.

This is Pic's rendition of turtle pose. This is the part where you lift your head and say, "Hellloooo," by the way. Those are some chatty turtles. (This was after our practice, but I couldn't very well take a picture during. Yes, that is what she wore during our practice. You should have seen her yesterday, right Ms B?)

So, now we're off for a walk. I need to pick up a few groceries, some sunscreen for my break-out prone face, and, possibly, a planner.

I hope you're all able to enjoy at least a few moments of quiet each day.


gunma-gal said...

I have to say, her dress cracked me up. I wasn't expecting to see her in (nearly) formal wear. And then the oh-so-sensible shoes to go with it. She cracks me up. :D

v said...

Oh, yes, the shoes. With no socks. She cracks me up, too.